Zamboni creative pitch concepts for the NHL
Fanatics / NHL

While contracting at Fanatics, NHL decided they wanted to see creative concepts involving the iconic zamboni vehicle. The idea above was to make the zamboni a mech robot where it can transform from a vehicle to a full blown @ss kicking mech robot. Referenced and paid homage to a bunch of sci fi robot movies like Transformers, Gundam, Macross and even the NFL robot mascot. Colorwise the pads, chest plate, helmet, shoulder shields and other elements will all be colored using the teams primary colors and would be interchangable for the design to be used throughout all teams (see New York Rangers below).

Additional designs
Created two other designs with more of a traditional approach. This idea below was to make the lettering look like its been spelled out with the master skills of a zamboni driver. The colors of the team and the logo will appear on the actual zamboni itself. Choose the Philadelphia Flyers to showcase .

The final design was to spell out the team name and use team color on the zamboni but then maybe come up with a tagline like "Resurface This!" to be used throughout the league.

Aflac Operation boardgame
Aflac branded Operation game
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Brand and Circus Promotional posters
Promotional posters
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fanatics apparel tshirt design NASCAR Roth style kids shirt
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Google tribute to Pep Boys 90th
Fanatics Zamboni creative pitch concepts
Zamboni creative pitch concepts
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Quelf Boardgame layout and design
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Tales of the School Zombies books
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Weird Nj Tshirt design
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Mind Mashers, Brain Sizzlers, Puzzle books, Sterling Publishing
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Branded Materials illustrations Pep Boys
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Pep Boys Auto
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