FLAPDOODLE - A Game of Totally Silly Nonsensical Fun!
Wiggity Bang Games / Imagination Games

Boardgame layout, illustration, character and brand development and design. After the success of QUELF, the fellas at Wiggity Bang wanted to produce another game featuring some of their popular characters. After throwing ideas around we settled on the idea that while traveling, these six Quelfians accidently stumbled upon, and got themselves locked in a candy factory. The only way out was to hitch a ride on the assembly line to get to the loading dock and find the exit. Below are the components that make up Flapdoodle.

Game Board Design and Development
The board spaces became the assembly line. To show forward movement, Matt came up with the idea that this assembly line would show the process of GumDrops being produced (the coloring, the drying process, the inspection, etc., etc.) to move them along.

1. Batbileg Chinzorig - A really old bat with a cool name, who loves hip hop music.
2. Pirate Luigi Pepperoni - Feared by almost no one, this pirate’s favorite thing to do is eat pizza.
3. Super Ninja Monkey - A sassy monkey and master of the samurai banana.

4. Bobert the Robot - A happy little electronic guy that bleeps and blips his way through life.
5. KP 131 - A friendly visitor from outer space who can’t read a map, took a wrong turn near Saturn and ended up here.
6. The Platypus - A water animal who wears pink floaties because, of course, she’s afraid of the water.

The games movement worked with drawing a "Flapdoodle" card and seeing how many spaces you moved forward while having to do a task. There was also two other cards , Mr. Sourface and Ms. Goody Gumdrops to draw when landing on designated spaces.

1. FlapDoodle cards will ask you to do a silly stunt or answer a crazy question.
2. Mr. SourFace is a cranky old man and if you draw one of his cards he’ll make you go back.
3. When you land on a Ms. Goody Gumdrops space and draw one of her cards, she’ll help you move ahead!

Matt concepted, created and illustrated all the components you see above. Unfortunately, the game didn't see the success that Quelf did but however, it got great reviews, showed up on a bunch of store shelves (WalMart, Borders, Barnes & Nobles and Wegmans) and last seen is a steal for 5 bucks at your local 5 Below stores.

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