Interactive creative concepts for social media and mobile app
IHOP / MRM Worldwide

While at MRM Worldwide, Matt was asked to create interactive concepts for their client IHOP. The formats spanned from social media to apps for their mobile devices. He created a throwback “arcade” styled game paying homage to the arcade classic, Burgertime by Midway. Instead of making hamburgers though, this time, you would be making pancakes.

Pancake Man’s enemies and weapons
Above are the pancake man’s foes that will be chasing him around the level(s). A disgruntled band of lesser know breakfast treats determined to stop him from make delicious stacks of pancakes.

Below are 2 proposed weapons that will get rid of, or temporarily stop pancake man’s enemies in their tracks.

How that level(s) work
Above is a breakdown of how the game operates. When all the pancakes are stacked on the plates at the bottom of the screen the level will be complete. There could be an assorted arrangement of different levels with the pancake toppings change from strawberries, to blueberry, to chocolate chip and/or just plan, with butter and syrup on top.

The different formats of the game
1. Downloadable app to play while you wait for your food at the restaurant.
2. Embedded game in facebook
3. Part of the IHOP website

All formats will have people competing for leader board placment where prizes/discounts/coupons can be used at their next visit to the restaurant.

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