UX wireframes with simple design elements for context

Developed UX and IA strategy with WEBTRENDS and FORSEE data from the original KidsHealth site. Created a shell around the article that exposed varying tiers of content allowing for deeper dives into site's massive amount of informative articles, videos and activities.

Key functional elements include dropdown section menus and left rail topic navigation within the section. Custom widget, KH Health (A-Z), lets you navigate 4 additional topics, Conditions, Symptoms, Medications and Procedures, alphabetically.

The addtional right rail offers up real estate for a related Content widget pulling in content for different age groups (Parents, Teens and Kids). The rest of the right rail can be used for 3rd party sponsership and/or additional custom widgets to keep the viewer interested and informed.

Lunesta Follow the Wings interactive game
Follow the Wings interactive game
Sunovion Lunesta / MRM
Bank of America Merrill Edge Service announcements
Service announcements
Bank of America / Merrill Edge
rheumatoid arthritis assessment tool Bristol Myers Squibb
Rheumatoid Arthritis assessment
Bristol Myers Squibb / MRM
Bank of America Merrill Edge Onsite Ads
Onsite advertisements
Bank of America / Merrill Edge
KidsHealth UX design
User experience design
Interactive creative concepts IHOP
Interactive creative concepts
Bank of America Roy Lichtenstein ATM screens
ATM attract screens
Bank of America
Pink Locker Society
Brand & website development
The Pink Locker Society
3 a day superfans interactive avatar builder Nathional Dairy Council
Interactive avatar building site
National Dairy Council / NFL Rush
Educational Partner Modules Kidshealth
Educational Partner Modules
Squirro Get Well Network Storyboards for video production
Storyboards for video production
Video production
Applebees Sprycel Agielnt assorted online advertisements
Assorted online advertisements
Applebees / Sprycel / Agilent
Health A-Z Mobile App concepts Kidshealth
Health A-Z mobile app concepts
TinyCo isometric layout and character design
Layout & character design
Castrol GTX punchout online game
Castrol punchout online game
Castrol Oil / Marketsource
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