Rick Moranis

So earlier this year Gallery1988 contacted me to see if i would like to participate in a couple shows this year and CRAZY 4 Cult EAST COAST was one of them. looked at the list of movies they thought would be cool suggestions and i decided on 2 of them. Both involving Rick Moranis. Below are my pencils for the upcoming prints i am going to do for the show.

Little Shop of Horrors



A couple of years back i illustrated two books for Stone Arch Publishing entitled Invasion of the Gym Class Zombies and Secret of the Summer School Zombies. They were a blast to do and had fun creating the cool villians for each book and of course drawing ZOMBIES!

So i was thrilled when i got a call to do a jacket/folder/sleeve to house the reprints (now that zombies are a household name thanks to walking dead).

Here is my original image i turned in and the jacket/folder/sleeve they created off of my artwork. Click on image to see a bigger version!



Tune Up for Google?

Not sure if this ever went live or not but last summer Pep Boys asked me to do an illustration combining the Boys and the Google logo. I figured who better to give Google a tune up than the most famous auto mechanics in the United States.

Here is my concept to pencils…And i would assume this is what it would have looked like in the actual place it was intended for. I had a blast doing this illustration.